Temper - DIY music visualizer

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Temper is a DIY randomized music visualizer.
Play your favorite playlist on random and start button smashing while you dance.


This was built with the Anbernic RG280V in mind, it should run on other devices that run the following operating systems:

  • OpenDingux (Stock)
  • OpenDingux Beta
  • OpenDingux "Rogue" Edition

Try my first app, Parisukat and see if Temper will work on your device: Download Parisukat Free


  • 4 visualizers
  • Cohesiveness - defined shapes and colors
  • Export images


Random: displays random shapes, line patterns and dancers in random colors at random sizes and positions.

Shapes: displays defined shapes and defined 3 color palettes at random sizes and positions.

Patterns: displays and scrolls shapes and/or line patterns in all randomness within a pattern type.

Dance: displays stick figure dancers in various linups and/or background shapes.


In visualizers Random, Shapes, and Dance
Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, X, Y: displays shapes and moves dancer(s).

In visualizers Shapes and Dance
L1: Randomizes set color palette
R1: Randomizes set shapes

In Patterns
Up, Down, Left, Right: controls the scroll direction
A: randomizes the shapes and colors
B: randomizes the colors of the current shapes
X: randomizes the shape and color of the 1st pattern tile
Y: randomizes the shape and color of the 2nd pattern tile

In ALL visualizers
Start: Exports an image of the screen to the ~/Temper/ folder
Select: Opens settings menu

In Menu screens
Up, Down: move between menu settings
Left, Right: move between menu selections
Start: confirm selections or opens visualizer screen depending on where the cursor is.
Select: opens the previous screen.

In the Shapes Settings > Set Palette & Shape screens
L1: Randomize colors and shapes

In the Dance Settings > Set Move screen
A, B, X, Y: will preview the dance steps.
L1: Randomize Moves


Main Menu

Random settings

Shapes settings

Shape Settings > Set Colors settings

Shape Settings > Set Shapes settings

Patterns settings

Dance settings

Set Moves settings

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Temper - DIY music visualizer

0 ratings
I want this!